• Put in order your personal finances

    Put in order your personal finances with just a click on your mouse or touchsreen.

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  • Personal finance budgeting

    Munggee is not just a personal finance site, it is help you to manage your money with a monthly budget

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  • Our sophisticated stats and graphs helps you to gain a total control over your money

  • Stay in touch with your budget anytime, anywhere with our mobile version

What is Munggee Our features

Personal Finance Manager

MUNGGEE is a web-and-mobile-based platform that helps you track your incomes and expenses, plan your monthly budget with ease and always stay within budget. With our tools for goals and credits you can track your money and increase your savings. With our detailed graphs you can instantly get a clear picture of your financial reality. Through our mobile version and apps you can access your profile and manage your finances from anywhere.
World currencies
We support your money no matter where you live. In MUNGGEE you can add any world currency to your budget. We refresh our exchange rates daily in correspondence with world leading banks so that you can manage your expenses and incomes at any destination!
Blog and bulletin
Get the latest news from our financial specialists and check out analyses and comments from leading financial portals.


If you want a stress-free life, Munggee is the right place! With our financial tools, managing your finances and reaching your goals is easier than ever before
On-time bill-paying is so easy! We can help you be on time with your bills and subscriptions every month.
With our event calendar you can add your bills to TO DO and enter the amounts.

Budget Management
Income Management
Expenses Management
Credit Management
Goals and Savings Management
Account Transfers
Account Management
Graphical View
Export in Excel
Mobile site and IOS, ANDROID Mobile apps

How it works

Your MUNGGEE profile helps you to easily track all your incomes and expenses; set budgets and always keep to them.
You can easily add a new income from your smartphone or web-based MUNGGEE version. Do this with received payments or expected ones at any time. You can add them to different accounts like checking account, savings account, cash, etc.
You can add and track all transactions from one account to another. By adding all your incomes, expenses and transactions you will know your accounts’ balance at all times. 

You can add and track all transactions from one account to another. By adding all your incomes, expenses and transactions you will know your accounts’ balance at all times. 
You can easily add a new expense from your smartphone or the web-based MUNGGEE version. You can add the expenses you have had and the ones you are going to have to different categories like food, rent, bills, gas, telecommunications, etc.Use as many categories as you need.Now you will know where your money is going.Budgets can help you to save money during the month. For many people keeping to a budget isn’t easy, but with MUNGGEE you will be able to manage your money well, keep to your budget and increase your savings.


And More

Credits & Loans

With MUNGGE, you can keep track of your loans, credits or leases. Note your monthly installments in the system. In this way you will know what your balance is at all times. You will never wonder how much your remaining balance is.

Manage your Goals

With MUNGGEE, saving money is easy. Create GOALS on MUNGGEE for the things you are saving for (your dream house, dream car or excursion) and note every transaction for the different goals in the system. Now you know how much you have saved for your goals. Having a clear picture of the process will be an incentive to go on saving!



Statistics and graphics

Keep track of your money with our stats and graphs. You can have a clear picture of your expenses in pie graphs and percentage charts.

You can export!

With just a click you can do whatever you want with your personal finances data in Excel.

Mobile version

Mobile version

Our mobile version allows you to manage your money anywhere, at any time, with just a click! From your smartfon or tablet you can add your income, expenses and so on. 


Mobile Apps

For your convenience, we create web apps for Android are available on Google Play. Apps for IOS, Windows mobile and Blackberry are coming soon!
Android only!

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60 Months Pack $99

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Site security

We operate strict security standards and use leading technologies and encryption software to safeguard your data.Rapid SSL certificate Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a protocol for enabling data encryption on the Internet and for helping web site users confirm the owner of the user profile.
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